The Faithful Standing

Do you remember history class? The time when you learned about the American Revolution – when the people of America stood up against their oppressors, the monarchy in England. There is an old adage that says “history repeats itself” (or maybe that was just something that my dad would say about my behavior). Well, anyway, there are some who do believe that history repeats itself, especially if we have not learned valuable lessons from our past. Dr. Richard G. Lee is one of those people who does believe that the past will revisit us in the form of another revolution. That is the premise behind his latest book, The Coming Revolution Signs From America’s Past that Signal Our Nation’s Future.

Lee states that “considering the price our forefathers paid for the rights and privileges we enjoy today, shouldn’t we be asking ourselves, ‘Who are the American people today? Are we living up to the high standards of the patriots who risked their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor for the cause of liberty? And are we prepared to stand our ground when we’re confronted by men and women promoting some very dangerous ideas and beliefs (121)?’” Lee is not saying that America is facing another violent revolution, but rather “a revolution of faith and ideas, a new commitment to a higher cause…It means knowing who we are and what we are all about. A tremendous hunger for restoration of accountability exists in this country…(126)”

Readers of Lee’s book may very well find themselves at times feeling guilty for a lack of action. While reading another section one may be on one’s feet pride swelling within one’s breast. However, there are also times when one may be shaking one’s head both in agreement and astonishment of where history has played out in this country. His book definitely has the reader thinking about the country’s historical start as a Christian nation founded on freedom for one and all. Lee uses the examples of our country’s leaders and policies to illustrate the preponderance of Christian faith that has been the driving force for America. For example on page 150, Lee states, “This country’s record of compassion and service to the world is unrivaled, and we have never done it for profit; we do it because that’s the kind of people we are. We do it because this is a Christian nation – an exceptional Christian nation.” The only fitting end to that is – Amen.

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