Houses Built Upon the Sand

Abigail Sinclair and her family have temporarily moved from Edenton, South Carolina to the Outer Banks for the summer. Gone was the ordered life that Abigail was familiar with. Instead she found herself in an environment that was very different in part due to the fact that her father had contracted to have the house built relatively close to the ocean. Most of the other people that she knew did not have their houses built like a shanty teetering on the brink of destruction at the whim of the ocean. In addition, Abigail’s father offers to have her teach a local “banker” how to read. Benjamin Whimble opens her eyes and mind to new sights and sounds. He also opens her heart to the possibility of a life so different from her “normal.”

Encapsulated within this story, The Outer Banks House A Novel, is also the story of the scales removed from Abigail’s eyes about her mother’s fraility and mental breakdown as well as the prejudice and hatred that her father believes. Abigail witnesses the horrendous murder of a black man at the hands of her father and his friends in this post-Civil War story of innocence that is destroyed just like a house that is built upon the sand. Abigail begins to question all she knows and believed in. This powerful story gives the readers a glimpse into the mind of Southerners following the Civil War and also into the mind of innocence.

I received this book for free to review from Read It Forward.