Mouth Watering Moments

As a novice “farmer,” or better term gardner, I found Cooking from the Farmers’ Market to be an excellent resource for information on vegetables and fruits.  The information was categorized by type, such as “Root Vegetables” and featured superb pictures of several of the vegetables or fruits.  There was information about choosing the best product available and recipes for several of the produce.  My only caveat would be that a couple of the recipes did not have a name above them.

The information was delineated by “Choosing the best ______”, a description of the item, and “Working with ________.”  This was followed by 2 or 3 mouth-watering recipes.  There are pictures of some of the prepared recipes as well which just adds to the appeal.  The recipes were not overly “gourmet” but does encourage the reader to prepare vegetables and fruits in a new way.  I found this book to be a great addition to any cooks’ library!

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