The Cost of Immigration

For most of us, we talk about immigration when we discuss our genealogical roots. We all came from somewhere – France, Ireland, England, Mexico, Honduras, etc. For many of us that trek was made by our ancestors as long ago as 400 years. For others, it was made in the last 10 years. The majority of us can boast about the new life that our ancestors carved out for us by immigrating to America. For others it is a story of hardship, prejudice, and even death. Margaret Regan, a noted journalist who speaks about her father’s Irish heritage, is the author of The Death of Josseline a story about the immigration issues between Mexico and Arizona. She openly and honestly reports about the costs, both in dollars (the cost of patroling the border, deporting the immigrants, and fencing the border) and lives (the number of lives lost is parallel to the temperature), that immigration plays upon the peoples and economies along the border between Mexico and Arizona.

Regan tells the stories from interviews with Border Patrol Agents, activists, residents, and immigrants. She shows the horrors for the immigrants who pay thousands of dollars to be brought to America and then to be left to die in the desert or, for some women, to be raped by the coyotes (men who bring the immigrants across the border). She tells of the separation of family members when deported and the invasion onto American properties by the American government in the name of homeland security. Regan educates readers in a straightforward and informative manner. I would encourage anyone interested in learning about the Mexico-Arizona border and the issue of immigration in that area to read Regan’s book.

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I read this book as part of the requirement for the United Methodist Reading Program.