Artemis on Ice

I was honored with the task to review book 7 of the Artemis Fowl series and a preview of book 8 – The Atlantis Complex and The Last Guardian for Book 7 finds Artemis with a change in his personality, both good and bad. He now wants to help the fairy community and save the world, but he has contracted Atlantis Complex which leaves him highly paranoid of those around him and the number four which he equates with death. Artemis has called a meeting in Iceland with key fairy people, including Captain Holly Short and Foaly, to discuss an invention of his that will help with the global warming.

The Atantis Complex is full of intrigue, danger, and excitement. Artemis’ genius is stretched to the limit with solving the latest caper while he is suffering with paranoia, another personality that emerges, and the fear of the number four. He had sent his faithful bodyguard Butler on what he thought would be a goose chase but turned out to be part of the overall caper and danger. By the end of the book, of course all is well with Artemis but his old nemesis Opal Koboi is re-emerging to wreak havoc on both the human and fairy worlds which leads to the final book.

The Last Guardian introduces another facet of the fairy world. A very dangerous facet. Opal Koboi is set to unleash this danger upon the human and fairy world. Will Artemis save both? Will Opal succeed? Readers will have to purchase the book to answer those questions.

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Demons, Fairies, and Opal – Oh My!

I can remember when I read my first Eoin Colfer book in the Artemis Fowl series.  I was enthralled!  It led to reading the second and third.  I was in college studying elementary education and anxiously awaited the next in the series.  After a time I had forgotten to check the new arrivals and over the years my desire waned.  That is until I found the books again on  I thought that I was lucky enough to find the next in the series but in reality the first seven books were being rereleased in anticipation of the newest release set for July 2012.

I have read and reviewed the first four and so now we meet Artemis again.  I was so excited to see where Colfer led Artemis and his fairy friends.  He did not disappoint!  Artemis, Butler, and Captain Holly Short are on a new adventure to thwart a female version of Artemis who has kidnapped a demon warlock from the lost colony of Hybras which has been in Limbo for ten thousand years.  The Lost Colony published in 2006 is book number five in the series.  Artemis and Holly venture to the colony to save the demon warlock and set the world to right.

Book number 6 was published two years later and is the story of Artemis doing battle against himself to save his gravely ill mother.  The Time Paradox has fourteen-year-old Artemis going back in time to steal the cure for his mother’s illness from none other than his criminal-minded younger self.  In the process he finds out that Opal Koboi attaches herself to his mother to travel to the future and the battle continues for Artemis.

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Fairy Genius

For those of you who have read Eoin Colfer’s series about Artemis Fowl, you will understand the possibility for addiction. That is also true for those who have read J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series of books and Lemony Snicket’s books written by Lemony Snicket and Brent Helquist. You read one book and the author transports you to a realm that is far away and filled with wonder. You do not have to be a child or young adult to be drawn in. That is the case for me with Eoin Colfer’s books. Books 3 and 4 of the series, The Eternity Code and The Opal Deception, feature Artemis and his bodyguard, Butler, about to pull off the largest technology coup – to sell a technologically advanced computer made with fairy electronics. This is to be his last illegal deed in order to become legitimate as his father has requested. However, it all goes wrong and Butler almost pays the ultimate price. Artemis agrees to undergo a mind swipe in order to receive a “healing” for Butler.

In the next book, Artemis goes up against Opal Koboi, a fairy genious and criminal, after having his memories restored about the fairy people. He must save the secrecy and existence of the fairy people from the “mud people” or humans that Opal is determined to expose the fairy people and world to.

Both books are another example of the excellent writing skills of Colfer! Although the books were released in 2009, is offering them for review in anticipation of the final book in the series release date of July 2012. I find them to be timeless classics of children’s fantasy.

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Pre-Harry Potter

I found Net Galley through Thomas Nelson Publisher and just about wet my pants one day looking through the galley of books. I saw Eoin Colfer’s books listed and they were talking about new releases! I hurriedly requested the two books and began reading. Now this was on my laptop – pre-Nook days. I had read almost half of Artemis Fowl before I was completely sure that I had read this book before. Sure enough, I had actually read that book and the other book from Net Galley, The Arctic Incident, and had even read the third book, The Eternity Code.

Eoin Colfer’s series of books is listed as Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Myths genre on Artemis Fowl is a 12-year-old genius who has figured out the mysteries of fairies, leprechauns, and other mythical creatures. In the first book, Artemis kidnaps a fairy, Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon Unit. Colfer weaves this tale in such a manner that, as an adult, I could fully understand how children could become enthralled with this genre of literature. I was hooked! In the second book, Artemis must become partners with the fairies in order to save his father from Russian kidnappers. Finally in the third book, Artemis once again pairs up with Holly to save his beloved butler – named Butler who was seriously injured when Artemis attempts to fulfill his last criminal deed.

If you love Harry Potter and other books in this genre, I am sure that you will be intrigued by Artemis and his adventures! I received the two ebooks free for review from

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