Demons, Fairies, and Opal – Oh My!

I can remember when I read my first Eoin Colfer book in the Artemis Fowl series.  I was enthralled!  It led to reading the second and third.  I was in college studying elementary education and anxiously awaited the next in the series.  After a time I had forgotten to check the new arrivals and over the years my desire waned.  That is until I found the books again on  I thought that I was lucky enough to find the next in the series but in reality the first seven books were being rereleased in anticipation of the newest release set for July 2012.

I have read and reviewed the first four and so now we meet Artemis again.  I was so excited to see where Colfer led Artemis and his fairy friends.  He did not disappoint!  Artemis, Butler, and Captain Holly Short are on a new adventure to thwart a female version of Artemis who has kidnapped a demon warlock from the lost colony of Hybras which has been in Limbo for ten thousand years.  The Lost Colony published in 2006 is book number five in the series.  Artemis and Holly venture to the colony to save the demon warlock and set the world to right.

Book number 6 was published two years later and is the story of Artemis doing battle against himself to save his gravely ill mother.  The Time Paradox has fourteen-year-old Artemis going back in time to steal the cure for his mother’s illness from none other than his criminal-minded younger self.  In the process he finds out that Opal Koboi attaches herself to his mother to travel to the future and the battle continues for Artemis.

I received the two-book set free for review from


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