Song Bird

I have never been much of a “lover of the hymns.” That is until I began Robert J. Morgan’s book Then Sings My Soul Book 3. I found his book to be easy to read and loved the “old book” feel of the pages in the paperbook. I cannot read music and have always felt that the hymns were for those that could sing high notes and liked slow music. After reading the history behind the songs and the poetic quality of the songs, I have changed my viewpoint of the hymns. Although I still cannot read the music nor sing the songs, Mr. Morgan advised readers to utilize a hymnal as an additional resource during study and devotion time. He stated that readers could either sing the songs as a time of praise and worship or read the hymn as a poem of praise and worship.

The book is separated into segments discussing biblical hymns, ancient hymns, medieval hymns, German hymns, English hymns, Gospel songs, and contemporary praise. This book helped me to gain a greater understanding of the hymns, hymn writers, and church history. One of my most favorite hymns, that I did not realize was hymn, is “Breathe on Me, Breath of God.” I did not realize that this beautiful song was published in 1878 and was written by someone who enjoyed learning as much as I – Edwin Hatch.

I would recommend this book to anyone, young or old, who loves hymns, loves poetry, loves history, or just loves God. Your knowledge of music, poetry, praise, and history will grow exponentially. I have gained a love of the hymns and now utilize a hymnal as a resource to praise God even though I cannot hold a tune in a bucket!

I received this book for free for review from The book can be purchased at Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “Song Bird

  1. I found your blog through (I’m also a booksneeze blogger) I’m releasing an e-book at the beginning of next month. It’s for Christians who have thought about teaching music lessons. If this is something you might be willing to review for me, please e-mail me at lessonsfromivy at gmail dot com. I’m a relatively new author so I will take all the reviews I can get : )

  2. Please accept my apologies! I had finished your book long before your release date. Since you had asked me to not post it until the release date, I honestly forgot to post it. I am working on it today and will have it posted here, as well as on Amazon and Barnes & Noble sites. It was a great book!

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