Not Close Enough

I love books! I would rather read than almost anything. I usually pick a book because it provides me with an opportunity to learn something or is a genre that I like. So it is a rare occasion that I find a book that I either didn’t like or felt it didn’t muster the high regard that I felt when reading the recommendation or review for it. Living Close to God When You’re Not Good At It by Gene Edwards is one of those books. The book is not a bad book. It does not have untruths in it. It is not hard to understand. It just did not grab me and make me want to read it voraciously.

I was pretty excited about the book when I read the synopsis of it. I was ready to read a book that addressed issues that I struggle with – inconsistent time with the Lord, wandering mind, falling asleep while talking to God. However, when I read the book, I felt that in some parts it was too simple. Now you may be saying that simple is good. I agree, but sometimes simple leaves you begging for more and searching even harder. There was much that I enjoyed of this book. I think that maybe if I had read this book as part of a Bible study with others I would have garnered a deeper love for it. Mr. Edwards does include a six session group study and seven week individual deeper study.

The author has a deep knowledge base about the subject and advises that none of the suggestions are quick fixes. The book is easy to read. I would definitely suggest either a group study using this book or the deeper individual study rather than just reading the book straight through.

I received this book free for review from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group. The book can be purchased through Amazon.


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