Baking Up Friendships

The Baker’s Daughter by Sarah McCoy is set in both World War II Germany and present day California. The story surrounds the budding friendship that erupts from a journalist’s assignment. The journalist, Reba Adams, is assigned a story to interview Elsie Schmidt Meriwether a baker originally from Garmisch, Germany. Reba is also engaged to Riki Chavez, an Border Patrol Agent. Ricki’s parents were originally from Mexico which eventually causes him to reevaluate his allegience to his job. Encompassed in this story is the story of Elsie and her family during the campaign of Adolf Hitler, the romantic relationship between Elsie’s daughter, Jane, and a Mexican illegal, the relationship between Reba and Riki, and the friendship between Reba, Elsie, and Jane.

Elsie was 15 years old during World War II and was from a family of bakers. The chapters in Germany are written in first-person from Elsie and discuss her life including how her mind changed about Jews and the Nazis after hiding a seven-year-old Jewish boy in her wall when he saved her from impending rape from a Nazi officer. The chapters in California feature the stories of each of the other characters as well as the budding friendship between all of the characters.

The book also features a short cookbook at the end of the book with tempting bakery recipes. The stories are riveting and engaging. The author has done a remarkable job presenting so many stories within the one novel. This is a great book!

I received this book for free for review from Read It Forward. The book can be purchased at Amazon.


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