Just Jesus and Me

Devotionals are a way to dig into the
Bible in short readings.  Most devotionals feature a Scripture to
read and then the authors expounding of the Scripture.  Some even
feature a small prayer to close out your devotion time.  R. P.
Nettelhorst has written a devotional that is based on various topics
throughout the Bible.  It is set up as if Jesus were to advise you,
the reader, on topics that you might need to discuss with Him.

A Year with Jesus: Daily Readings
and Reflections on Jesus’ Own Words

gave me readings that I could utilize when a concern appeared before
my mind and heart.  Instead of just reading a chronological selection
of readings starting at Day 1 or January 1, this book features the
chronological headings, but also allowed me to choose to read based
on a topic such as Fasting or Repentence.  The book is divided into
sections entitled “Love and Hate,” “Truths and Lies,”
“Arrogance and Humility,” “Friends and Enemies,” “Belief
and Disbelief,” “Patience and Impatience,” “Deserved and
Undeserved,”  “Good and Evil,” “Fidelity and Treachery,”
and “Life and Death.”

live in a world that always portrays the either/or scenario or good
vs. evil.  It was nice to read a devotional that fits in with that
line of thinking but also shows the way of Truth and Light against
the backdrop of the way of Darkness.  I enjoyed this book and plan on
reading it again as a reflection book to encourage myself to dig
deeper into my relationship with God.

received this book free for review from booksneeze.com.


I review for BookSneeze®


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