The Resounding Clap of Love

Max Lucado, one of the most renowned Christian writers of contemporary times, wrote The Applause of Heaven which illustrates how the Beatitudes are applicable for a life of joy and peace despite the ugliness of modern times. The joy and peace come from knowing, really knowing, God and His delight for each of us. It is not found in the everyday moments of this world but rather in the everyday moments of a relationship with our Father, Friend, and most devoted Fan. I love the writing style of Max Lucado and I am thankful that I added this book to my library.

Max has written numerous books about how to live a more abundant life by developing a one-on-one relationship with Jesus Christ and God. This book was written in the classic easy to read style of Lucado’s. Each chapter is a breakdown of a line from Matthew 5:1-10. It uses modern stories to aid in understanding the Beatitudes. I think one of the best lines in the whole book, at least for me, was the very last paragraph of the book when he describes the moment we get to heaven and hear the applause of the One who did not want to live without us and so died on the cross to enable us to be with Him.


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