Child Not for Sale

Living in the land of plenty, the land of freedom, ensures that we probably will never have to experience the fear, violence, and devastation of child sex trafficking. I just finished reading a book for young adults about a thirteen-year-old girl from Nepal who dreamt of better days for her mother, stepfather, and infant brother. Instead, her stepfather sold her to a trafficker who took her to a brothel in India where she was beaten and forced into prostitution. Sold by Patricia McCormick is a National Book Award Finalist that tells the story of Lakshmi.

Despite being beaten, drugged, and threatened, Lakshmi maintained a spirit of survival through friendships that she made with some of the other girls in the brothel, the son of one of the other girls, and a Christian missionary. She lost her innocence and childhood in the darkness of the evil. She found her strength and freedom in the light of love.

Sold is an easy to read narrative of Lakshmi’s life with her family and the trek to her imprisonment. Some of the “chapters” are actually only a paragraph or two. I would recommend this book for any young adult or adult interested in learning more about human trafficking.

I read this book for my United Methodist Women Reading Program.


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