Beauty and the Beast in Africa

Africa. The continent that is home to deserts, savannas, and rain forests. It is also the largest “zoo” hosting a whole plethora of animals such as elephant, zebra, buffalo, camel, lion, and crocodile. Africa also has made the news for civil unrest and human trafficking. It is hard to imagine the violence of the civil wars and trafficking with the beauty of the nation and its animal life. In Blood Ransom, Lisa Harris tells the tale of human trafficking from the standpoint of two civilian aid workers and a young African boy who witnessed the kidnapping of his family.

The story is beautifully told showing the beauty of the country, the tribal boundaries and culture, and the violence and corruption that is rampant. Within the story of the trafficking, the reader is taken on a journey with Natalie Sinclair, Dr. Chad Talcott, and Joseph who travel from the scene of the violence to the Embassy. They are followed, shot at, and eventually one is taken hostage. The story unfolds showing the truth of the corruption and leaves the reader sitting on the edge of the seat. This book was hard to put down and had me cheering for the trio as well as the budding romance between Natalie and Chad.

One theme of this book that is interwoven is the journey of faith that all three of the characters are following during all of the violence, corruption, and fear. Each is at a different place in their journey of faith but all three learn that God does not forsake us. His protection and love is always there if we but turn to Him. This story is not a sweet fairy tale, but it is a sweet tale of God’s calling of His children and how He equips each of us, even when we may not fully understand, for our journey.


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