Forgiveness: The Amish Way

Forgiveness and grace. Two words that summon both trembling and joy from most of us. When forgiveness is difficult, we tend to tremble and list all of the reasons why we can’t forgive someone. On the other hand, grace brings both joy and confusion to our heart. We are so glad that grace has been offered to us by God, but then we can’t understand why He would continually grant us grace when we are so fallen. That is the cord of thought behind Cindy Woodsmall’s book The Harvest of Grace which tells the story of Sylvia (far from home with a secret and guilt that she hides), Aaron (the prodigal son returning home with a secret he must tell), Cara (haunted by a secret past that leaves her both angry and scared), and Grey (facing a secret from his previous marriage that could damage his upcoming marriage).

Cindy weaves a story that shows the power of forgiveness, love, and grace in the lives of these four individuals as well as the family and friends that share their lives. For each of them, and us, we carry the secrets and scars that make all feel inadequate before a God that loves unconditionally and offers forgiveness for seemingly insurmountable deeds.

I am quickly becoming a fan of Cindy’s books as she shows an in-depth knowledge of Old Order Amish communities and pairs that with characters that shadow friends and acquaintances in our lives. I began my journey with her by reading Plain Wisdom which was more comparative stories of both Miriam Flaud (co-author) and Cindy. This book has all of the same qualities and superb writing as the first one I read.

I received this book free for review from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group. The words of this review are mine and I was not coerced to write a positive review.

You may purchase this book from


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