No More Games!

I just finished Max Lucado’s book No Wonder They Call Him Savior and I would like to share with you a couple of excerpts from chapter 24 of this book. The whole book made me really ponder the life and death of Jesus. Now part of that is because it is Lent. Part of it is because we are doing a study at my church about the last 24 hours of Jesus life (24 Hours that Changed the World by Adam Hamilton) and I am reading Awakening: 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting by Stovall Weems. Part of it is also that Jesus is speaking to me at this time in my life because of my need to draw closer to Him. I pray that He will speak to you as well.

“Imagine this scene. The soldiers are huddled in a circle, their eyes turned downward. The criminal above them is forgotten. They gamble for some used clothes….I’ve wondered what that scene must have looked like to Jesus. As he looked downward past his bloody feet at the circle of gamblers, what did he think? What emotions did he feel?….It makes me think of us. The religious. Those who claim heritage at the cross. I’m thinking of all of us. Every believer in the land. The stuffy. The loose. The strict. The simple. Upper church. Lower church. ‘Spirit-filled’ Millenialists. Evangelical. Political. Mystical. Literal. Cynical. Robes. Collars. Three-piece suits. Born-againers. Ameners…We, too, play games at the foot of the cross…So close to the timber yet so far from the blood….’Those selfish soldiers,’ we smirk with our thumbs in lapels. ‘They were so close to the cross and yet so far from the Christ.’ And yet, are we so different?…’May they all be one,’ Jesus prayed…One church. One faith. One Lord.”

There is much more but I know for me this was powerful. I know I have been guilty of highlighting the differences between me and someone else rather than highlighting the similarities. For me, I want to stop throwing dice at the foot of the cross and instead raise my eyes to Him. What about you?

I originally posted this in my weekly newsletter but since it is about a book, I also wanted to post it here for everyone to read.  I hope that you enjoy reading my blurbs.


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